A politically incorrect ‘Promotion’

A politically incorrect ‘Promotion’

The trailer for “The Promotion” made me want to avoid it like a new VH1 reality show.

But, trooper that I am, I saw it anyway and rediscovered how deceiving trailers can be. Check out my review over at my other film site Movies in Toto.

One intriguing element I didn’t have room to discuss in my review are scenes in which black hooligans make life tough for Seann William Scott’s character. Would audiences find these sequences offensive? Accurate? Both?

Here’s writer/director Steven Conrad tackling the matter at Ain’t It Cool News (hat tip: Sonny Bunch):

I’ve noticed that some of our content [in THE PROMOTION] that concerns African-Americans, Latinos, some people are made a little uncomfortable by it. And, I don’t know what to say about that except that no one gets off under my consideration. I am as hard on depicting the white board members as being narrow-minded and insufficient as I am in depicting this gang of 19-year-olds as being unsavory and unpleasant in the way their day-to-day language makes the customers feel, which is…It’s all I’m doing. And, if I didn’t bump into it in life, I wouldn’t write about it.

The movie likely won’t be seen by enough people for these depictions to cause a stir. But if they do, it could be good publicity for a film that really could use some extra attention.

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