‘Sex’ is for men, too

‘Sex’ is for men, too

Every other headline about the new “Sex and the City” film blares that only women are lining up to see it. Why would men want to spend two-plus hours with four beautiful women who speak frankly about sex, right?

So don’t be surprised to see more than a few gents watching “Sex” at your local movieplex. I’ve gotten e-mails from a few brave men who sheepishly told me they’re dying to see it. Nothing wrong with that, as I explain in my new column over at Pajamas Media.
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KNo Gravatar July 7, 2008 at 5:31 pm

Uh, did you check out the publicity photos of the 4 stars? With one exception, they look like “the thing that came from the plastic surgeon’s office.” Whereas older men may happily court older women, in a ten buck movie experience one expects something a bit more titilating.

I’m sure there are men who would enjoy this movie, but those are the ones who can name the cast of “Pillow Talk”, the stage play.

cftotoNo Gravatar July 7, 2008 at 6:20 pm

Ouch. Some men don’t need to see super-attractive women to enjoy a film. It’s always a plus, mind you …

whiskeyNo Gravatar July 7, 2008 at 10:43 pm

Christian, I covered this issue on my blog here. Regarding WANTED. It’s the same dynamic as SEX AND THE CITY.

The big purchasers of movie tickets, the ones who can drive a movie to mega-popularity, like say the original SPIDER-MAN, or BATMAN BEGINS, etc. are males 16-34. Movies are “date night” and guys who PAY FOR THEM want two things.

1. A story that both flatters them and entertains them.
2. A story that subtly suggests to their dates that, hey! the guy sitting next to them is kind of like that hero on the screen.

Just as Angelina Jolie was too old, pregnant, skanky, and weird to be of much interest as a fantasy girlfriend (as opposed to MILF momentary sex-figure), the idea that young men will willingly see SEX AND THE CITY is laughable.

Particularly on a date. They’re not Mr. Big. They never will be. They don’t want to be. The movie flat out suggests that only a Mr. Big will do. Therefore young men will never see this movie, filled with much older women.

The sexual politics are all junk anyway. Yes the movie peddles the fantasy that a fifty year old woman will have her pick of exciting young men. Haha, only if she pays top dollar for it. I can see it’s appeal for women. But they have much more competition for their entertainment time and money. TV is mostly a female-gay ghetto, sitcoms have female audience at 80% on average. Big budget movies make money off the under-served young male market, who only have video games competing for their time/money.

Yes a few men will see it. They’re called gays.

cftotoNo Gravatar July 7, 2008 at 10:58 pm

Thanks for writing, Whiskey, but frankly I’m exhausted by the whole, “you like ‘Sex and the City’ ergo you’re gay’

Can’t we all do better than that? Does that mean women who like “SportsCenter and NASCAR are lesbians by default? Or maybe they don’t follow the pack and like what their peers like. Same with men.

And men watching “Sex/City” don’t have to look at Big as a role model. Charlotte, who is frankly the most attractive of the four, married the most shlubby guy in the show and is the happiest.

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