The ‘Blueberry’ blues

The ‘Blueberry’ blues

Singers have a rocky history in their transitions to the big screen. Do we need a better example than Mariah “Glitter” Carey?

Norah Jones doesn’t embarrass herself to that degree in “My Blueberry Nights,” which came out on DVD last week. But she doesn’t distinguish herself as a bona fide movie star, either. Then again, the fine cast around her also struggles with the material before them.

My Donne Tempo review expounds on the film’s beautiful veneer – and its deeply shallow surface.

(Photo: Jude Law, left, plays Norah Jones’ love interest in “My Blueberry Nights”)

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Opinionated in San FranciscoNo Gravatar November 19, 2008 at 8:07 pm

I found My Blueberry Nights to actually be unwatchable. It was so lacking in plot and believability. And despite loving Rachel Wiesz in other films, her attempt at playing Memphis white trash was pretty pathetic. I actually think this movie would have been better without its star-studded cast: they were all too beautiful to seem real in their various characters, and their acting wasn’t so great as to overcome that.

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