WWTW Rewind: ‘Beyond the Gates’

WWTW Rewind: ‘Beyond the Gates’

Hollywood can’t stop producing film after film about the Iraq War – even if all of them have tanked at the box office.

Yet the sturdy drama “Beyond the Gates,” a look at the Rwandan genocide, got almost no attention or theatrical play two years ago. So genocide ranks one full-length feature (“Hotel Rwanda”) but the war in Iraq gets a dozen?

Never mind the inequity. “Gates” deserves to be seen.

John Hurt, one of our least appreciated actors, stars as a Catholic priest who helps educate impoverished locals at a remote African village. His mission turns into a humanitarian nightmare when the assassination of the Rwandan president sparks a slaughter.

Hurt, alongside a naive but kind English teacher (Hugh Dancy), try to save the Tutsi refugees fleeing the marauding Hutus. Shot on location, “Beyond the Gates” employed several genocide survivors in the film’s crew. Perhaps it’s cruelly appropriate that a movie documenting a genocide ignored by the global community got ignored by movie audiences nationwide. Feel free to buck the trend and rent this trenchant story.

(Photo: Hugh Dancy and John Hurt star in the searing drama “Beyond the Gates.”)

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