Hindus warn Cameron on ‘Avatar’

Hindus warn Cameron on ‘Avatar’

A Hindu group is gearing up for its next Hollywood sensitivity battle – this time against the “King of the World” himself, “Titanic” director James Cameron.

The filmmaker’s next project, the 3-D science fiction fest “Avatar,” isn’t slated for release until late 2009, but Rajan Zed, president of Universal Society of Hinduism, released a statement today urging Cameron to handle his next film with “sensitivity” toward Hindus.

Zed said that “‘avatar’ was one of the central themes of Hinduism and insensitive handling of faith traditions sometimes results in pillaging serious spiritual doctrines and revered symbols and hurting the devotees.”

He expressed faith that Cameron would do the right thing with the film project, but consider this statement a warning shot against a worst case scenario.

Zed’s group also protested Mike Myers’ “The Love Guru” and took some credit for its box office bust.

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JasonNo Gravatar December 22, 2009 at 10:16 pm

It’s just a f-ing title ‘AVATAR’. F-ing hell!
Why do we have to hear all this crap towards this…honestly.

According to http://www.dictionary.com/
An embodiment or personification, as of a principle, attitude, or view of life.
Computers. a graphical image that represents a person, as on the Internet.

These connect together so well in this film. Stfu!

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