WWTW Interview: ‘My Chauffeur’s’ Deborah Foreman

WWTW Interview: ‘My Chauffeur’s’ Deborah Foreman

Actress and yoga instructor Deborah Foreman

Deborah Foreman found a flurry of fame in the ’80s, but you won’t see her on any VH1 celebu-reality shows.

Foreman, dubbed by Sho West as 1986’s Most Promising New Star, appeared in a string of film including “Valley Girl,” “My Chauffeur” and “April Fool’s Day.”

Then, Hollywood stopped calling. She could have ended up as tabloid fodder, or worse.

Instead, she re-invented herself as a yoga-pilates guru and found a satisfying second career.

WWTW caught up with Foreman to get her thoughts on fame, yoga and the one reality show she might consider.

WWTW: For some actors, making the transition to another field, another discipline, can be challenging. Can you share a little of your journey from working actor to exercise enthusiast and now instructor and expert?

DF:  The transition was not simple for me … I first had to learn who I was, what was I passionate about and really learn how to let go of my ego.  So my journey was long and bumpy, but in the end so worth all the shoes I wore out (big grin).

WWTW: I understand “My Chauffeur” is your favorite film role. What are your sharpest memories of shooting that picture, and why does it stand out for you?

DF: Sharpest memories would be the fun I had each and everyday.  Working with Sam Jones was such a pleasure.  He is so easy going and playful. Working with David Beaird, the director, was always inspiring and yummy.

Through the help of my fellow actors and the director, I felt really open as an artist.  I was able to tap into a side of me that I truly love to be at times. There was an effortless quality to the days we spent together and the work we all collectively did to create “My Chauffeur.”

WWTW: What first attracted you to yoga … did you take to it right away, or was it a gradual process?

DF: Yoga and I met and fell in love instantly. My first teacher was Darin Chandler, and he taught the class in a way that just landed on me and I got it.  It was the first time in my life that I felt fully present and wasn’t thinking about ones’ daily worth of stuff.  I felt free emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually while doing something that was so good for my body.

WWTW: The new yoga documentary “Enlighten Up!” details a yoga skeptic’s journey to India. Do you see yoga the exercise form and yoga the spiritual component as one and the same? Can you explain why or why not?

DF: Since becoming a pilates trainer my feeling about yoga in terms of form has changed. Yes, yoga is a spiritual practice and yes, yoga can be very scientific, but at this stage in my practice I am more concerned with using my body in a safe and proper way. I already have the spiritual thing down cuz of the number of years I have done yoga.

Now I concentrate on form, stability and quality of my poses.  I believe yoga changes you from the inside out scientifically and spiritually. You then notice the changes on the outside of your body as you grow in your practice.

WWTW: What advice would you give a fellow actor who might be struggling in his/her career and perhaps considering a shift to another field or discipline?

DF: Find what truly sends you. For me, it was learning to use my left brain. That is what challenges me each and everyday. My right brain was so developed that I walked in circles. I needed to balance myself out and develop my left brain.

When you find your bliss it will feel effortless. There will be a flow as if puzzle pieces are coming together.

Always remember you are starring in your own movie I.E. your own life. Ask yourself how you would star in my own life?  Who would you cast as people that surround you?  What environments would you most like to work in and live in?

WWTW: Do movie fans recognize you … and how does that make you feel?

DF: That sorta comes in feast or famine for me. Sometimes peeps recognize me a lot and sometimes no one. Just depends on the day. How does it make me feel? Well I am awesomely happy with or without it so when it happens it just gives me a little tickle inside and then I am off to the next journey. (Don’t stop believing, hold onto that feeling …)

WWTW: You made the film “Beautiful Loser” after more than a decade without any acting roles … what drew you to that project? Would you act again in the right project?

DF:  Steven Wolfe and his company, Sneakpreview Productions, are behind “Beautiful Loser.” Steven is a long time friend and he came to me and asked if I would join in on the fun.  So I did it cuz of Steven.

If I were to go back into show business the only thing I would consider doing would be “Dancing with the Stars” because I believe movement is my life.

(Photo: Actress turned yoga/pilates instructor Deborah Foreman)

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RonnNo Gravatar April 19, 2009 at 7:10 pm

I always wondered what happened to deborah foreman i really like her in ‘Valley Girl’. i find it strange she didn’t get more roles i thought she was quite good in the films she was in. good to hear that she was able to establish herself in another career.

Bob GiovanelliNo Gravatar April 22, 2009 at 12:37 am

It’s no surprise her favorite film to make was “My Chauffeur”, as that’s the film that got me wishing I was a studio executive, and shuffled her into more A-list films. She was so enjoyable in that film, and it stands to figure she had the most fun making it. It showed.

HowieNo Gravatar May 22, 2009 at 10:11 pm

You know it’s actually kinda inspiring to know that it’s possible to transition from one passion into another with relative ease. Okay it doesn’t hurt either that it maintains a healthy lifestyle too. The best of all worlds. Now if I can just cut down on the doughnuts……..

cftotoNo Gravatar May 22, 2009 at 10:13 pm

You and me both, brother …

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