Blu-ray review: ‘Triangle’

Blu-ray review: ‘Triangle’


Some horror movies play tricks on us, while others tweak the laws of logic to make us jump.

And then there’s “Triangle,” a movie which takes us on a mind-bending journey from the opening sequence.

The film, just released on DVD and Blu-ray, is a storytelling swizzle stick that doesn’t bother to answer many of the questions it raises.

Yet it’s a fascinating genre exercise all the same, shrewdly packaged to leave us unsettled, to say the least.

Melissa George stars as Jess, the single mother of an autistic child who decides to take a boat ride along with an old friend.

She appears distracted, undone, as she leaves the dock. We’re not quite sure why.

That doesn’t matter when an isolated storm surrounds the craft a few hours later. No vessel could withstand the pounding the boat receives, and before long everyone is underwater.

The shipwreck’s survivors, including Jess, flee to a massive cruise liner than passes by their topsized boat in just the nick of time. But the liner appears to be empty … except for some curious noises.

Is the boat truly deserted … or is something more sinister at play?

“Triangle” would be a maddening experience if not for the assured touch of director Christopher Smith (“Severance”). The film’s shocks are adroitly executed, and the stunning cinematography gets an able assist from the Blu-ray format.

You’ll wish the boat remained lost at sea indefinitely, what with the crystal blue waters lapping against the frame of your television set.

The narrative warps around itself over and again until the audience is left adrift and without an emotional compass. Yet George’s intense performance, never stilted or forced, keeps us moored.

“Triangle” demands patience but delivers a uniquely warped story not easily forgotten.

The Blu-ray extras include cast and crew interviews and previews of other films from First Look Studios.

(Photo: Melissa George, right, plays a woman trying to make sense of a living nightmare in “Triangle.”)

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