WWTW around the web

WWTW around the web

And now, a self-serving post to take the place of a “You Again” review.

WWTW wasn’t allowed a sneak peek at the Kristen Bell comedy, so consider these stories instead:

  • Is “I’m Still Here” the first in a wave of faux documentaries? Or has the genre already been hijacked? My premier piece for Screen Rant tackles this topic.
  • A conservative documentary? “I Want Your Money” takes aim at the Obama deficit, but does it stand a chance of drawing a crowd? My Washington Times feature explores the marketing behind the movie.
  • Director Davis Guggenheim impacted the national conversation on global warming via “An Inconvenient Truth.” Now, the Oscar winner wants people to reconsider the modern public school system via “Waiting for ‘Superman.’” My boxofficemagazine.com piece talks to Guggenheim and assesses the impact the film will have in theaters this fall.
  • Oliver Stone resurrects one of his biggest hits from the ’80s this weekend with “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.” It’s his most entertaining film in ages, but once more a Hollywood movie muffs the ending. My PajamasMedia review sheds more light on the new film.
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