September 2011

Supercharge your HDTV with LoungeV

Will Eddie Murphy be Billy Crystal reborn as Oscars host?

March 2011

Why do Comic-Con types have such thin skins?

‘Battle: LA’ scores overseas, dents media meme

Does anybody like that Shaky Cam?

Ebert plays the Idiot Card

January 2011

More movie cliches that need to end

Rom-com conservative strike again

Romantic comedies are dead – long live the Bromance

Did ‘Schmucks’ influence Tucson shooter?

December 2010

WWTW’s 10 best of 2010

WWTW’s worst of 2010

November 2010

Top 5 least necessary upcoming sequels

Do you trust today’s documentaries?

Is ‘Avatar’ the next ‘Star Wars’ level franchise?

What’s your ‘Can’t Move’ movie?

September 2010

WWTW Rewind: ‘Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home’

Top 5 modern Hollywood blunders

Did politics kill ‘Machete’ at the box office?

Will ‘Machete’ impact immigration debate?

August 2010

A tale of two Hollywood liberals

Top 5 actors you won’t see in 5 years

Top 5 actors with odd speech patterns

July 2010

Help fill the Hollywood idea bank

When Critics Collide: ‘Inception’

New ‘Arthur’ … no liquor?

June 2010

Why I love ‘Twilight’ – the phenomenon, not the franchise

In defense of Tom Cruise

Why did ‘Unthinkable’ go straight to DVD?

May 2010

Top 5 scariest nude scenes

Yet another reason to love Michael Caine

Enough with these movie cliches

April 2010

How dare ‘Harry Brown’ be good?

Memo to Johnny Depp …

I hate Republicans … now, back to my movie review

Weight rules don’t apply to the Queen

March 2010

‘Green Zone’ – Rorschach test for film critics

Lousy timing for Hanks to open mouth, insert foot

The burden of being Captain America

Top 5 actors who should be bigger stars – but aren’t

February 2010

Inside the mind of a movie critic

Do audiences want socially conscious horror movies?

Is ‘Cop Out’ racist?

Regrets … does Ebert have a few?

January 2010

Gibson’s rocky road back to the big screen

Why John Cusack … why?

The delusions of James Cameron

Why can’t conservatives be miffed about ‘Avatar?’

December 2009

Do movie critics matter?

The bad, the ugly and the truly awful – 2009’s worst movies

How to make an Oscar season less snooty

November 2009

Will Hollywood Xerox ‘The Blind Side?’

Thank you, Michael Moore

The last sucker punch at Bush?

Fisking Jessica Alba – it’s not what you think

October 2009

The overrated horror movie checklist

Jacko sez four more years to save the earth

Interview: ‘Not Quite Hollywood’ director Mark Hartley


Ferrell’s Funny or Die faux pas

Randy Quaid’s sad decline

Movie trailers bend the truth

August 2009

This monster doesn’t need a facelift

Age disparities shrink with new rom-coms

Hollywood keeps piling on Palin

JULY 2009

Summer movie winners … and losers

Baldwin’s skin too thin to run?

No market for ‘Outrage’

JUNE 2009

Hollywood wants it both ways with movie ratings

Liberal critics stone ‘Soraya’

Top 5 franchises which fizzled

Will Fox’s rant affect ‘Transformers’ sequel?

Don’t call us Americans!

MAY 2009

Welcome to the club, Mr. Raimi

Tarantino won’t shut up

If they remade ‘Star Wars’ today

APRIL 2009

StarFest ‘09: Horror movie memories

Garofalo: Chock full of hate

No more Doris Days in Hollywood

MARCH 2009

Should audiences boycott Sean Penn?

Leave Nicolas Cage alone!

Hollywood perfection has a price


Don’t mess with Minnesota – film critics jump to state’s defense

Is horror’s resurgence already over?

Oscar Politics 101 – why the best pictures don’t always win


Can actors take the heat?

The reason why ‘Gran Torino’ got snubbed by Oscar voters

Can you trust a movie ad quote?

Don’t call it a comeback – Mickey Rourke’s second act


Hollywood and the hating game

1st annual Watcher Awards

WWTW’s worst films of 2008

WWTW’s best films of 2008

Critics heart poverty


Alphabet Soup’s on – My A-Z movie association game.

Top 5 Christmas Clunkers – They all can’t be as good as “A Christmas Story”

Top 5 Era Defining Movies – Cuz not all films are created equal.


Vote … Or Jessica Alba will cry – Celebrities beg us to vote.

Movies I’d like to see … but never will – The film ideas that PC Hollywood won’t touch.

Enough with the extras, already – Anyone else exhausted by the endless array of extras on DVD?


Movies vs. TV – Let the battle begin – Which medium offers superior entertainment?

Memo to De Niro, Pacino – Indies or bust – How two great screen actors can get their mojo back.

Senior Sniping – Why actors too often go for that umpteenth facelift.


The skinny on buying an HDTV - Confused about buying your next TV? This should help

‘Beauty and the Beast’-ly VP Treatment - Interview with documentary filmmaker who’s latest movie explored the impact of physical beauty on women.

JULY 2008

Is it Really That Bad at the Movies? – Why the modern movie theater can be a torturous place to be.

Keaton’s Bat Hangover – How Michael Keaton went from Batman to barely employed

Summer Movie Awards: Part One- the best, and worst, Summer ‘08 had to offer so far

Video Store 101 - how to navigate your local DVD shop

Wanna See Movies Before They Open? - get into the same movie screenings critics see

Share the wealth? Don’t hold your breath - A character actor asks for a handout

Let Captain America Stay Dead – Could Hollywood make a pro-American comic book feature?

EW Misses the Mark … by a Mile - Entertainment Weekly bungles the Batman story

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